Customer Support

Over time our customer base has increased significantly, and through that increase, we are bound to enhance our customer support channels. In this case, our customer support channels are open from 8 to 8 pm to ensure all calls coming in are answered, and issues raised addressed. Apart from having open lines we also have a chat support platform in place to assistant our customers. Alternatively, customers with any queries can reach us through email and messages. Through any of the channel as a customer, you will be granted the assistance that you need.

Affiliate Program

As a way of building our network to cover a broader area, we have our affiliate program in place, and we urge our customers to join and market our products. From your marketing skills, you will be able to earn a commission which will come in handy at covering your day to day expenses.

E-Store is Expanding

Across the globe, there are many products which haven’t reached the market yet. As a way of helping manufacturers ensure their products hit the consumer market, we are always looking to add products to our store. Through partnering with us, your products will be available to consumers once we strike a deal. In the end, we will be helping each other in generating revenue and expanding our businesses.